Advance Global Change Science

Understanding global change—including climate change—is critical to the Nation’s welfare and economic vitality. Research, supported by an array of sophisticated tools for collecting and analyzing data, can provide essential knowledge to governments, businesses, and communities as they plan for and respond to the many manifestations of global change—such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, and the more severe heat waves, droughts, and other extreme events that pose an ever-growing risk to life, property, agriculture, and natural resources.

Prepare the Nation for Change

Across America and around the world, people are making decisions to effectively minimize and prepare for global change. USGCRP creates a strong scientific foundation for informing and enabling these decisions.

Assess the U.S. Climate

Assessments are essential tools for linking science and decision making. USGCRP has a legal mandate to conduct a National Climate Assessment every four years, the most recent of which was released in May 2014.

Coordinate Internationally

NASA satellite image of Taipei, a coastal city in Asia vulnerable to climate impacts

The long-term strength of U.S. global change research depends on close engagement with international efforts. USGCRP's international partnerships enhance scientific exchange and enable more informed, science-based decisions—domestically and globally.

Link Climate & Health

Smog over LA

Climate change has direct and indirect effects on human health. USGCRP coordinates climate and health-related research, assessment, and engagement efforts in partnership with organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Provide Data & Tools

Time series of observational data

Decision makers need global change information that is centrally accessible, clearly described, authoritative, and relevant. To meet this need, USGCRP is developing a new web-based approach to information provision.

Make Our Science Accessible

As the leading Federal authority on global change science, USGCRP and our member agencies play a key role in engaging and educating citizens about climate and related global change.