Yishen Li

Water Cycle Science Coordinator

National Coordination Office (NCO)

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Yishen Li serves as a Water Cycle Science Coordinator for the National Coordination Office (NCO). In this role, he coordinates the implementation of USGCRP’s water cycle-related priorities, serving as the coordinator of the interagency Integrated Water Cycle Working Group and as the NCO liaison to the U.S. federal water cycle science community. He also participates in the Coastal Integrated Hydro-Terrestrial Modeling and Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Groups and contributes to the water chapter of the National Climate Assessment.

Prior to joining USGCRP, Yishen served as an Environmental Policy Analyst at ICF, providing consulting service to U.S. Government clients on water-related regulatory policy rulemaking and technical support. He had also been an ORISE Fellow for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force, before working as a Natural Resources Biologist at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Tidewater Ecosystem Assessment Division.

Yishen holds a Master of Environmental Science degree from Yale University, where his master's research focused on aquatic biogeochemistry and environmental hydrology. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science/Biology from the University of Miami.