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Indicators Interagency Working Group

The Indicators Interagency Working Group (IndIWG) serves as an interagency forum supporting and facilitating the development of a USGCRP indicators effort. IndIWG’s primary focus is leveraging existing operational and research-oriented indicator efforts to support USGCRP sustained assessment activities. Selected indicators from federal efforts are integrated into USGCRP assessment products (e.g., the National Climate Assessment) and featured on the USGCRP Indicators Platform.

The USGCRP indicator effort aims to both highlight federal agency efforts and data and facilitate the pursuit of research to support the development of indicators as recommended by the agencies.


  • A near-term IndIWG priority is identifying and adding new indicators to the USGCRP Indicators Platform, with an emphasis on social science and other non-physical science indicators.

  • IndIWG continues to collaborate with Federal agencies (such as the U.S. Forest Service) and USGCRP Interagency Groups, including the Social Science Coordinating Committee, the Interagency Crosscutting Group on Climate Change and Human Health, and the Interagency Integrated Water Cycle Group, working together to identify possible indicators in support of USGCRP products.

  • An ongoing IndIWG priority is continuing to provide support to USGCRP sustained assessment activities, including the Fifth National Climate Assessment.



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