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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

Climate Engagement and Capacity Building Interagency Group

The Climate Engagement and Capacity Building Interagency Group (CEC) coordinates federal agency climate and global change efforts focused on community engagement, education, public awareness, workforce development, and training. The CEC works to make resources for climate action more accessible and useful to the Federal Government, sub-national governments, organizations, and the public.

Current Activities

  • Updating the Climate Literacy Guide: creating an updated version of Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science based on the 2009 Guide. The intention of the update is to ensure that the Guide reflects current climate science, engagement, and education methods and includes a focus on informed climate decisions. Learn more about this effort and submit comments through USGCRP’s Contribute site.

  • Coordinating federal workforce climate training: surveying federal departments and agencies to create a database of existing climate trainings, classes, and professional development opportunities. This effort will also identify training gaps and needs and create a taxonomy and suggested courses of trainings for different groups, with the eventual goal of creating a federal climate training hub.

  • Researching national climate workforce needs: supporting efforts to incorporate climate jobs into career maps and planning in schools and throughout industry. This effort will work across agencies to identify climate career paths, opportunities, and needs to accelerate the development of the climate workforce.

  • Supporting the National Climate Assessment: amplifying the Fifth National Climate Assessment’s education, communication, and engagement efforts.

The CEC represents climate and environmental experts from many federal agencies and the White House. We are always accepting new members! For more information or to join the group, please contact Haley Crim.