USGCRP Indicator Platform

The indicator platform is an interagency collaboration that leverages efforts from across the USGCRP agencies and highlights key climate information in the form of indicators that:
  • Provide foundational science in support of USGCRP sustained assessment products including the National Climate Assessment
  • Showcase examples from Federal agency-specific indicator efforts
  • Connect Federal agency research and science to USGCRP priorities

Go beyond the data and explore climate indicators with an interactive Story Map developed by the USDA Forest Service with support from the Environmental Protection Agency. Explore the climate story through observations including human consequences of climate change, adaptation, and resilience.


General layout image of USGCRP Indicator Platform

Indicators of Change

Climate indicators show trends over time in key aspects of our environment including:
Indicators based on long-term, consistently collected data can be used to:
  • Understand how our climate and environmental conditions are changing
  • Consider and assess risks and vulnerabilities
  • Help us prepare, take action, and improve resilience to the impacts of climate change

Learn About Trends in Climate Change

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Long-term observations provide evidence of warming in the climate system and the effects of increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. This figure shows several climate-relevant indicators of change based on data collected across the United States. (NCA4, Overview Chapter)

Selected Federal Climate-Related Indicators

Learn more about climate change indicator research at USGCRP agencies.
Climate Change Indicators in the US
EPA partners with more than 40 data contributors from various sources to compile a key set of climate change indicators.
 NOAA's Arctic Report Card
The Arctic Report Card is a timely and peer-reviewed source for environmental information on the current state of the Arctic environmental system.
NOAA's State of the Climate
The State of the Climate is a collection of monthly summaries recapping climate-related occurrences on both a global and national scale.
CDC's Environmental Public Health Tracking Program
The Tracking Program delivers a core set of health data, information summaries, and tools to enable analysis, visualization and reporting of insights drawn from the data.
NASA's Vital Signs
Explore vital signs of global climate change and global warming, such as Carbon Dioxide, Global Temperature, and Arctic Sea Ice Minimum.
National Phenology Network
This award-winning network collects, stores, and shares seasonal natural phenomena and cyclical data and information.
NOAA's Global Climate Dashboard
The Global Climate Dashboard presents indicators that track climate change and natural variability over time.
NOAA's National Marine Ecosystems Indicators
Data on major marine and Great Lakes ecosystem indicators, capturing national and regional status and trends.