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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

Open-source framework advances the quantification and monetization of climate impacts

EPA’s Framework for Evaluating Damages and Impacts (FrEDI) provides a fast and transparent framework for assessing the physical and economic impacts of climate change in the United States through the end of the 21st century, under any future scenario. This open-source framework draws upon a broad range of peer-reviewed studies from across the climate science and economic literature, including modeling contributions from NOAA, CDC, and others, to allow users to quickly assess and better understand the detailed story of when, where, and to whom climate change impacts are projected to occur, as well as how these impacts may change under custom mitigation or adaptation scenarios. Continued development in 2022 expanded the scope and number of impact studies included within FrEDI (~20), as well as increased usability of the open-source code used for analysis. FrEDI currently provides the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of its kind and is part of the CIRA project, a broader effort to quantify and monetize the impacts of climate change in the United States.