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Fifth National Climate Assessment - Read the Report

Climate and Health Outlook provides actionable information on reducing health risks from extreme events

The July 2023 Climate and Health Outlook. Source: HHS.

Building upon years of development by USGCRP’s Climate Change and Human Health Group, in May 2022, HHS initiated a monthly Climate and Health Outlook (CHO), in partnership with NOAA, EPA, USDA, DOI, and other federal agencies. Aimed at both the public and health professionals, the CHO interprets 30-to-90-day climate-related hazard forecasts from a health perspective. In addition to showing where climate-related hazards are likely to be greater in coming months, the CHO identifies the health outcomes associated with those hazards, who is most at risk, and what resources are available to protect people's health.

In addition to informing the public and healthcare professionals about how extreme weather and other climate-related phenomena like wildfires can impact our health, the CHO provides actionable information about protective measures and resources and how to target them. Innovative aspects of the CHO include the development of a geospatial database of county-level indicators of risk and vulnerability, the novel use of public health surveillance data to provide insights into the actual burden of health impacts associated with heat and other hazards, and a comprehensive listing of tools and resources that public health departments and health care professionals can use to reduce the health impacts associated with extreme weather events