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Clean Air Catalyst supports international air quality action

Most cities in low-and middle-income countries lack information on the primary and secondary drivers of poor air quality. This lack of data and technical know-how hinders their ability to address the sources of emissions that are polluting the air and contributing to climate change. The USAID-funded Clean Air Catalyst (Catalyst) is piloting an innovative data-to-impact methodology to accelerate clean air action in three cities: Indore, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Nairobi, Kenya. The program pairs global scientific partners with local scientists to resolve key uncertainties about the sources and root causes of air pollution and identify solutions. USGCRP partners are supporting these efforts to deploy air monitoring equipment and conducting state-of-the-art modeling and analysis.

In Jakarta and Nairobi, the Catalyst is coordinating with DOS to utilize the data from the reference grade air quality monitors that the Department has installed on Embassy property, in partnership with EPA, to help measure air pollution levels, identify sources and impacts, and act on that data with relevant policies and measures. The Catalyst is also installing EPA reference method instruments for additional monitoring in all three cities and will rely on EPA guidance for quality assurance project plans and analysis of air pollutant samples to determine the sources of pollution and their relative contributions. for source apportionment studies. Catalyst partner MAP-AQ (Monitoring, Analysis, and Prediction of Air Quality), co-chaired by the NSF-sponsored National Center for Atmospheric Research, is advising on emissions inventory design and source awareness data collection planning. They are also providing insights into the location of emissions sources and using modeling to predict the impacts of specific actions on air quality and exposure. With this support from the U.S. atmospheric science community, the Catalyst is improving source awareness and strategic planning for air quality management with the goal of building tailored, data-driven solutions for air quality action in Indore, Jakarta, and Nairobi.