Executive Director, U.S. Global Change Research Program, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Chief of Operations
Bradley Akamine
Chief Digital Information Officer
Reuben Aniekwu
Climate Research Specialist
Susan Aragon-Long
Senior Staff Scientist
Dr. Chris Avery
NCA Chief of Staff
Senior NCA Staff Scientist
Operations Coordinator Lead
Engagement and Communications Specialist
Senior International Assessment Lead
Alaina Froh
GCIS Data Mangagement Intern
Photo of staff member Leo Goldsmith
Climate and Health Specialist
Joshua Hernandez
NCA Staff Specialist
Alexa Jay
Senior Science Writer
Yekaterina Kontar photo
International Global Change Science Lead
Zach Landes
Software Developer
Editorial Specialist
Senior Staff Scientist
Senior NCA Staff Specialist
Senior Administrative Assistant
Dr. Julie Morris
Associate Director
Alonzo Moses
Web Content Intern
katie reeves
Engagement and Communications Lead
Nicole Rucker's headshot.
Sea Grant Knauss Fellow
Social Sciences Specialist
Reid Sherman
Climate Adaptation Lead
Gyami Srestha
Director, U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program Office
Water Cycle Science Lead
Sarah Zerbonne
SGCR Executive Secretary and Coordination Lead