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US CLIVAR Releases New Science Plan


 Monday, December 9, 2013

US CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability Program) has released a new Science Plan outlining its research goals and strategies for the next 15 years.



Specifically, the Plan:

  • updates the program’s goals and priorities based on achievements to date;
  • describes the expansion of core research to target specific challenges, including:
    • climate variability and predictability on decadal time scales,
    • climate extremes,
    • polar climate, and
    • climate and ocean carbon/biogeochemistry;
  • emphasizes strengthened ties to the broader Earth science community and relevance to societal impacts;
  • is intended to bolster funding commitments by U.S. agencies to achieve their mission objectives; and
  • articulates envisioned collaborations with other U.S. and international research programs.

The Plan represents the input and interests of scientists, funding agencies, and stakeholders throughout the climate community.

US CLIVAR is a national research program investigating the variability and predictability of the global climate system on time scales ranging from seasons to hundreds of years, with a particular emphasis on the role of the ocean. The program contributes directly to USGCRP by coordinating and advancing U.S. research to improve the documentation, understanding, modeling, and prediction of global and regional climate variations. US CLIVAR is supported by USGCRP agencies including NASA, NOAA, NSF, DOE, and DOD/ONR.

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