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The USGCRP is looking to fill a full-time software engineer position supporting the Global Change Information System (GCIS) in Washington, D.C.

The USGCRP National Coordination Office (NCO) is coordinating the development of a new data system to integrate information about global change from across the program. The Global Change Information System (GCIS) will harmonize the organization and representation of that information from across the program and integrate existing information from the agency data centers. Early phases of the GCIS development will focus on representing the provenance of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) and its technical input, but will also look into existing agency data centers for sources of information to integrate into the system.

This person will be responsible for ensuring the system is compliant with standards and user friendly while utilizing best practices. The Software Engineer must be a self-starter and be comfortable managing their own time while working on concurrent projects. The successful applicant should be comfortable working with non-technical stakeholders, helping to shape requirements when necessary, and communicating with a large multi-agency team including editors, graphics professionals, visualization specialists, managers and data architects. Reports to the USGCRP Deputy Director.

Apply here. Applications due by Monday June 18, 2012.