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The USGCRP is looking to fill a Global Change Information Systems Software Engineer/Programmer III (Part-Time) position

Basic Job Function:

  • Content Acquisition and Curation: Communicates with agency scientists and data management experts about global change information, analyzes agency data and information characteristics, and recommends options for incorporation into the GCIS. Works with USGCRP and agency data center staff to establish, interpret and apply protocols and processes for acquisition and maintenance of relevant global change information. Establishes, maintains and follows procedures for interaction with external data systems that will interact with the GCIS, including the NASA Global Change Master Directory, data.gov, etc. Oversees content holdings of the GCIS, including analyzing and applying inclusion criteria. Tracks and analyzes system usage and metrics, produces reports, and makes recommendations for content acquisition and organization.

  • Semantic Web Information Modeling: Identifies and analyzes GCIS use cases and data/information, and performs requirements analysis. Serves as a key liaison with expert contractors and domain experts to guide selection and construction of information models, database schemas, vocabularies, and ontologies for managing data. Determines and implements appropriate persistent identifier schemes for GCIS information. Maps and harmonizes existing agency data center information holdings to incorporate into GCIS.

  • Special Projects: Provides technical direction for junior staff on assigned projects and mentor members of the development team. Interacts cooperatively with key team members, onsite and offsite, as well as clients and vendors. Participates in other USGCRP activities in support of GCIS needs and/or represents the GCIS in broader programmatic activities. Undertakes other special projects as assigned.

Required Education and Experience:

B.S. degree in a scientific/technical or digital library science related discipline; and a minimum of six years of experience with science data curation; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • All Applications MUST be submitted via the UCAR career portal in order to be eligible for consideration.
  • Positions received prior to 5pm on Thursday, October 25 will receive priority review.
Apply here. Applications due by Thursday, October 25, 2012