Many Forests Feeling the Heat from Climate Change Print E-mail
Wednesday March 21, 2012

Cross-posted from USGS, a member of the U.S. Global Change Research Program

This image, from April 2004, shows mortality of some adult Joshua trees resulting from years of hot-dry climate.
As the climate gets warmer, many forests are feeling the heat. Impacts range from increased forest fire hazards and tree mortality to detrimental beetle outbreaks and alterations to leaf abundance and bloom.

When forest cover or composition changes, there are impacts to the availability of wood products, clean water, recreational opportunities, and habitats for many plants and animals.

In recognition of World Forestry Day, let’s take a glimpse at U.S. Geological Survey science to understand the fate of forests from climate change.

To sustain the health and production of America’s forests, managers need sound science to guide their decisions. The USGS is involved in several initiatives across the nation and in other countries to provide science to understand climate change impacts to forests.  Read more…