New Site Shows Potential for Future NCA Interactivity Print E-mail
Thursday March 1, 2012
Becky Fried, Policy Analyst,
Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President
USGCRP has launched a new, more interactive website that showcases the 2009 National Climate Assessment  (NCA) report, Global Change Impacts in the United States. The website can be found at:
As a first step toward future efforts to enhance traceability of NCA data and sources, the site incorporates access to a sample of the datasets used as a basis for the 2009 report.  The site provides an enhanced web-based interface for the NCA’s wide range of stakeholders—from private citizens, to business leaders, to local decision makers, and more—to search for findings, topics, and sources for the 2009 report that are most relevant to their needs. 
The launch comes as USGCRP is in the thick of preparing its next NCA report, due for release in 2013. Work is already underway to ensure that insights gained from enhancing access to the 2009 report are incorporated into efforts for 2013. 
“We developed the site as a way of trying out some methods to improve transparency and searchability,” said Dr. Anne Waple, Program Manager for NOAA’s Assessment Services and Chair of the NCA Technical Support Unit. “We learned a lot of lessons in the process that will inform our efforts for the 2013 report and the sustained assessment effort.”
A quick rollover of the interactive map on the front page of the site gives a summary of regional climate impacts, even before the first click. Users interested in delving deeper can explore climate information by region or sector, click through to some sample datasets, view relevant images and information about their sources, and even read supporting documents for the assessment. 
“For us, this is a small but important step forward,” said Emily Cloyd, Public Participation and Engagement Coordinator for the National Climate Assessment. “Analyzing what works and what doesn’t will be critical to our future efforts.” 
Visit to learn more about the National Climate Assessment and stay tuned for more updates about the NCA report currently under development.