Staff of the National Assessment Coordination Office (NACO) Print E-mail

Drawing staff from the Office of the USGCRP that supports the Subcommittee on Global Change Research (SGCR), NACO was established by the SGCR in mid-1997. Its purpose was to help facilitate assessment activities by providing logistical support to the SGCR's National Assessment Working Group (NAWG), the National Assessment Synthesis Team (NAST), and the regional and sector workshop and assessment teams.

The staffing of NACO was adjusted during the course of the assessment to meet the changing needs for facilitation of assessment activities. With the completion of the national and sectoral phases of the National Assessment, the NACO was reabsorbed into the Office of the USGCRP at the end of FY-2001.

Previous NACO staff included:

Michael MacCracken, Executive Director of NACO from 1997-2001 and from 2001-2002 a senior scientist within the Office of the USGCRP

Lynne Carter, Regional Liaison, from 1998-2002

LaShaunda Malone, Program Associate and then Sector Liaison, 1997-2001

Melissa Taylor, Deputy Executive Director of NACO from 1997-2000

Justin Wettstein, Sector Liaison, 1998-1999

Previous Affiliated Staff Members:

Benjamin Felzer, Climate Scenario Coordinator, 1998-2000 (based at National Center for Atmospheric Research).