National Assessment Working Group Members Print E-mail

Paul V. Dresler, U.S. Department of Interior
Richard Ball, U.S. Department of Energy
Joel Scheraga, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

SGCR Liaison:

Aristides Patrinos, U.S. Department of Energy
Army Corps of Engineers

Eugene Stakhiv


U.S. Department of Agriculture
Margot Anderson (Economic Research Service)
Robert House (Economic Research Service)
Herman Mayeux (Agricultural Research Service)
Fred Kaiser (U.S. Forest Service)

Timothy Strickland (Cooperative State Research, Education, Extension Service)


U.S. Department of Defense

Thomas Nelson


U.S. Department of Energy
Aristides Patrinos (SGCR Liaison)
Richard Ball (Vice Chair)

Jerry Elwood


U.S. Department of Interior
Paul Dresler (Chair)

Dave Kirtland


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Joel Scheraga (Vice Chair)

Mike Slimak


National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Nancy Maynard
Louis Whitsett

Jack Collier


National Institute for Environmental and Health Sciences

Mary Gant


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Claudia Nierenberg

Caitlin Simpson


National Science Foundation

Thomas Spence


Office of Science and Technology Policy
Peter Backlund