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The U.S.Global Change Research Program National Coordination Office (USGCRP NCO) works to support the various programs and initiatives for USGCRP through a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in administration, coordination, planning, writing, and climate and environmental policy.

National Coordination Office (NCO) Staff

  • Dr. Thomas Armstrong, Executive Director, U.S. Global Change Research Program, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Dr. Chris Weaver, Deputy Director, U.S. Global Change Research Program
  • David Allen, Program Associate for International Research and Cooperation 
  • Steve Aulenbach, Content Curator for the Global Change Information System
  • Mathia Biggs, Office Coordinator
  • Samantha Brooks, SGCR Executive Secretary & Implementation Planning Coordinator
  • Brian Duggan, System Engineer for the Global Change Information System
  • Dr. Justin Goldstein, Program Specialist for Advance Science
  • Dr. Fabien Laurier, Director, Third National Climate Assessment, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Tanya Maslak, Chief of Operations
  • Amanda McQueen, Intern for the Global Change Information System
  • Dr. Julie Morris, Associate Director of Implementation and Strategic Planning
  • Emily Seyller, Program Associate, Inform Decisions & Adaptation Science 
  • Mark Shimamoto, Health Coordinator
  • Dr. Gyami Shrestha, Coordinator for Carbon Cycle Science 
  • Dr. Robert Wolfe, Technical Lead for the Global Change Information System
  • Cat Wolner, Science Writer and Editor

National Climate Assessment (NCA) Staff

Previous National Climate Assessment (NCA) Staff

  • Ralph Cantral, Sectoral Coordinator
  • Alison Delgado, Scientist
  • Bill Emanuel, Senior Scientist
  • Matt Erickson, Intern
  • LIz Fly, Scientist
  • Chelcy Ford, Scientist
  • Wyatt Freeman, Intern
  • Nancy Grimm, Senior Scientist
  • Tess Hart, Intern
  • Katharine Jacobs, Director 
  • Stuart Luther, Intern
  • Krista Mantsch, Intern
  • Rebecca Martin, Intern
  • Sheila O'Brien, Chief of Staff 
  • Paul Schramm, Scientist