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The FY 2012 budget request for USGCRP programs is $2.6 billion – an increase of approximately 6.3% over the FY 2011 enacted level. This increase reflects the needs discussed above and represents a commitment by the Administration to the USGCRP.

It is important to remember that the budget crosscut table represents those funds self-identified by the USGCRP agencies as their contributions to the USGCRP. The budget crosscut does not include the costs of many agency investments that are directly relevant, indeed necessary, to the ability of the USGCRP to address national objectives related to climate and global change (e.g., many of the observing networks and satellite systems so critical to documenting trends were originally carried out by their sponsoring agencies for current operational purposes, and those are not typically included in the budget crosscut).

In fiscal year 2011, the USGCRP participating agencies and departments contributed $1,995,642 to the IPCC in support of both the IPCC Technical Support Unit for Working Group II and travel support for U.S. scientists participating in all three of the IPCC Working Groups. In addition, the total U.S. Government contribution to the IPCC Trust Fund in FY 2011 was $2,682,845, of which $350,000 was for the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), with the remaining $2,332,845 for IPCC programs.